Saturday, February 16, 2013

Master Cleanse

I know this is very non-Paleo...but lately I really feel the need to get a good "wash-out" of my digestive system. I've been feeling sluggish, my skin is dry, my energy is low, and I want to loose some extra weight. And although I have always been very resistant with extreme diets, I really should it and give it my own judgement from my experience, rather than assuming something.

I would really appreciate any feedback or comments from those of you who have done the Master Cleanse. My main questions are: Will I be able to workout? Will I have a headache? Will I feel empty? Will I pee too much? Will I get used to it?

I will publish my meals as the days go on. Hopefully this will make it easier to stick with it.

Here goes.

Day 1: Ease-In

1 organic orange
1 cup of coffee

Bikram Yoga

Salad with mixed greens, orange pepper, yellow pepper, and balsamic vinegar

Today has been a pretty easy day, I guess that's why they call it the "Ease-In" day. It's really rare for me  to go a day without eating meat, and I thought it would be a lot harder than this. Ask me to go a day without coffee, and we'll see how I feel. That's what I'm most worried about. Starting Monday, Day 1 of Master Cleanse, I won't be having coffee. Sweet Jesus.


  1. The digestive tract salt-water bath is nasty but worth it. (Kinda' like Buckley's cough syrup). Good to do spring and fall even outside of the master cleanse. Hint: don't, uhm, look down.

  2. I've done it 8-10 times and all I can say is, if you do it, make sure that you ease back into food very very slowly. This can be so hard because you are so excited to eat, but you can really jam up your system after that long without food and be backed up for weeks or more! Horrible.

    As for the cleanse, it's pretty incredible. I have felt like working out while I've been on it, but you probably shouldn't. You should use it as an opportunity to really rest up. You will definitely lose weight, but most of it will be gained back pretty quickly after returning to food. I fully believe in this process as a cleanse of the body, but more importantly as a cleanse for the mind. You will quickly realize how much time we spend in our lives surrounded by food preparation, eating, cleaning, etc and it's humbling to have these removed. You won't believe how much time you have on your hands!

    You'll definitely be using the bathroom more (unless you already drink a ton of water and herbal tea).

    I often find that, by the end of it I'm hesitant to get off of it! You will totally get used to it. Go with it and make sure to do the salt-water bath!! As gross as it may seem, it really helps to flush the system.

    Good luck!