Sunday, November 30, 2014

My 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge: December 2014

November 30 2014

Well it's December again and just like every year, I take this time to kick my own butt into gear. It's so easy to let things slip by and indulge into the goodies and sweets and treats and drinks, so that's why I want to make a conscious effort to keep things in line.

For me personally, I work a lot harder at goals if I am kept accountable for them. So here goes. I want to post every night and keep a diary of how the day went.

Obviously I will be focusing a lot on my diet, but I want this to be more holistic. I will be looking at diet, physical exercise, mental exercise, professional development, stress levels and fun levels. I really hope it goes well!

So to send off November I will be having a lovely dinner with my parents, and yes, I will have a nice plate of delicious Persian rice. And tadeeg. mmmm....

Starting weight: 118lbs
Goal weight: 110lbs

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Nibbletron: Nibble Your Way to Happiness

You know those days when you come home from work and you're super tired and just not feeling like you can even muster up the energy to do anything except pass out. Well...all you need is The Nibbletron!

Okay, all you need is someone to come at you really fast and nibble at your face, neck and ears. It's literally the most hilarious thing. It will give you energy, make you laugh, make you smile, and probably make you giggle.

Imagine how nice it would be if instead of greeting people with a handshake, we could nibble each other!
"Oh hello madame!" *nibble nibble nibble nibble*

Sometimes I want The Nibbletron more than anything. I want it more than a bowl of popcorn, I want it more than my favorite Chanel eyeliner, I want it more than double smoked bacon, and even more than an online shopping spree with Forever21.

If you want your life to be simple and happy and fun and perfect, get nibbling.

Goodnight future Nibbletrons!

Monday, November 3, 2014

How Do I Know How Much You Care?


As I sit here in my bubble bath with candles and a warm cup of tea, I wonder "how do people show they care towards others?" Do I have a certain way that I show affection? Do I like certain things over others, or is it just about the thought that counts. Do I like material things or is it more about the gesture?

I have to say that if you asked me this question 10 years ago my answer would be very different than what it is now.
I truly appreciate the small things. And I know it's such a cliche, but it's so true.

When my dad picks me veggies from his garden and puts them in a bag for me to take home, I know he cares.
When my mom tiptoes around the house in the morning so that she doesn't wake me up, I know she cares.
When my grandma cries on the phone just from hearing my voice, I know she cares.
When my brother gives me advice for building my future, I know he cares.
When my roommate wakes me up with coffee in the morning, I know she cares.
When my best friend invites me to her annual awards gala, I know she cares.
When my best friend talks to me for hours on end, I know she cares.
When my friend comes over to make me dinner because my attempt was absolute garbage, I know he cares.
When my man makes me a bath with candles and tea, I know he cares.
And when he gets me a toothbrush, I really know he cares.
When my favorite coffee shop has almond milk, I know they care.

I just find that having little loving gestures means a lot more to me than having one grand gesture. I feel more safe and happy. I feel cared about and loved. I feel calm and content.

This is probably the sappiest writing I've done but I feel like I don't tell these people how much I appreciate what they do.

We all hear the saying, "tell the people around you how much you love them", and it couldn't be more true. But you don't have to literally tell them that. You can do it in little ways to make them feel loved.

Whatever it is. Show your love.