Monday, August 24, 2015

Wait a Minute. I'm a Vancouver?

It's probably not surprising to anyone that lives in Vancouver or near Vancouver or even far away from Vancouver that housing prices are crazy. For most people the idea of even owning a "home" is out of reach. I have been planning and saving for this basically since I finished high school. And with all the money that I have in the world, I just bought myself a condo.

So am I a homeowner? Nope.

I'm a condowner!

To a lot of people the idea of paying half a million for a condo is absurd. 
But maybe it's not so bad. 

So I don't have a front and backyard, instead of a have a courtyard :)
So I don't have a mailbox, instead I have a little mailbox in the midst of a few hundred other mailboxes. 
So I don't walk up to my front door, instead I take an elevator to my front door. 
So I can't mow my own lawn, instead I pay fees to have someone else mow the lawn in the courtyard. 
So I don't have privacy, okay there's really no comparative to being sandwiched between hundreds of other people. 
So I don't have the freedom to renovate however I want, okay again there's no real comparison. 
So I don't have actual physical property, again, nothing compares. 
So I don't have stairs and multiple levels, instead I have an emergency exit stairwell. 

I've already made this comparison before, and I will say it again. I feel like I live in a beehive. I'm a little bee with a little house in a big beehive. I just wonder, who's the queen bee? Maybe the strata? Maybe me? I guess I can be the queen bee and I can pretend that the strata is my worker bee. 
That feels better :)

I probably will not be able to afford a house in this current market, but maybe one day I can sell my condo and get a house instead. In the mean time, I'm happy being a condowner. 

And look how beautiful it is :)

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