Friday, July 19, 2013

A Blog Like They Used to Be

I’m 28 years old. I am sitting on a bench in Olympic Village in Vancouver BC and I am typing on my MacBook Pro. I have a great apartment with a great roommate. I have a full-time and part-time job. I have a great family that I love. I have great friends that I love. And yet I sit here, feeling like someone who still has to figure things out. 

The truth is, my life is basically perfect the way it is. 

There’s an asian girl sitting on a bench next to me talking on speaker phone with her friend. It sounds like her friend is having guy problems. She doesn’t really seem to care, but I guess her friend just needs someone to talk to. 

There’s an ice cream truck that just pulled up. An ice cream truck in Olympic Village? I wonder if anyone would actually admit to that fact that they really wanted an ice cream. I  am lactose intolerant, so it doesn’t entice me at all, but I wonder if some wealthy person who loves ice cream, would hail down the ice cream truck and get one. Or would they just go to Urban Fare and get an ice cream. 

I wonder a lot. 

I always wonder where people are going. Maybe they’re going to work, or maybe they are going to pick up a new pet, or maybe they are going to buy a dress for their boyfriend’s birthday party, or maybe they are going to the beach, or maybe they are going to meet with a person that they met online, or maybe they are new in town and want to go somewhere for lunch, or maybe they are going to a museum, or maybe they are going to meet with someone to develop their website for a new company they started. 

When I go somewhere, sometimes I am going nowhere. Sometimes I just go out for a walk to the beach to watch people and wonder where they go. 

I wonder if I got naked right now if anyone would do or say anything. I bet people would just walk by and pretend I wasn’t naked. It would make them feel so uncomfortable that they’d rather just walk away and ignore. Or maybe someone would take a picture and post it on Twitter. I guess I should keep my clothes on. 

I’m thirsty. 



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